Q. How much do you charge?

A. The repairs we do average $500

Q. How long does it take?

A. Between 3 and 4 hours

Q. How do you match the color?

A. We use a computerized mixing system and the vehicle’s factory code and VIN#

Q. Do you warranty your work?

A. Yes, for 3 years due to workmanship or material failure

Q. Do you repair hail damage?

A. No, but we can refer you to expert technicians in the area

Q. My car is parked in a parking garage. Is that a problem?

A. Our vans are 9’ tall, which is too tall to enter most parking garages

Q. Do you work on the weekends?

A. If that’s the only time that’s convenient for you, we will occasionally work on Saturdays

Q. How large of damage do you repair?

A. If the damage requires replacing any body panels, then it’s beyond our window of service

Q. My hood and roof were scratched. Can you repair damage to those areas?

A. Those are not repairable by our mobile technicians; you will need to take it to a shop

Q. My car seat has a small tear. Can you fix it?

A. Sorry, we no longer do interior repair

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